Taskforce for Applied Research

In applied research, universities of applied sciences and public and private sector organisations work closely together aimed at improving professional practice and higher professional education. This enables the applied research performed by universities of applied sciences to make an important contribution to resolving social and economic issues. The Taskforce for Applied Research is committed to promoting more and even better applied research by universities of applied sciences.

Applied Research

A key characteristic of this applied research is that it focuses on finding solutions to problems encountered by professionals in actual practice. Through the active collaboration between SME entrepreneurs and public sector professionals, the knowledge and findings acquired during the research ends up directly in professional practice. It also ends up in the curriculum of universities of applied sciences via research groups, lecturers and instructors. 


Here is what we do

To promote more and better applied research, we focus on:


·         collaboration between research and professional practice 
We do this by increasing awareness of applied research and by encouraging the link between universities of applied sciences and companies and public institutions.  


·         increasing the quality of applied research
We do this by exclusively awarding grants to high-quality research proposals and by encouraging peer supervision.


·         collaboration between universities of applied sciences and other research institutions
We do this by investing in research partnerships relating to themes that are directly linked to the top sectors and the Netherlands National Science Agenda.


·         application of the research findings
We do this by disseminating knowledge to the education sector and professional practice, and promoting entrepreneurship among students and researchers.